Why Start Diving Now?

The Ocean has always been known to be the mysterious background that has been yet to fully explored. Yet, we find ourselves watching viral videos and documentaries of what amazing creatures and underwater landscapes it has to offer. Most of us spent of time underwater in swimming pools and we assume it’ll be the same when we expose ourselves to the open sea. Very different indeed the moment we dipped our heads into the ocean. The smell, the taste, the visibility and the most important factor that distinguished the ocean and the pool…

The Uncertainty.

Source: Scuba Schools International (SSI)
Source: Scuba Schools International (SSI)

Every diver can assure you that the moment you start diving, it will not only be a hobby but it will become a way of life. The more you dive, the more you will start appreciating what goes around you. You will see the world in different perspective and that’s for sure. One of the greatest message that divers has been very vocal is the awareness of global warming.

Diving has changed a lot of perspectives in every individual in one-way or another. Majority of the public would like to think diving as an extreme sport for those who are thrill seekers or those who lives a carefree life. But we can assure you that when you start diving; most divers are not really living a carefree life. Instead, being underwater is a safe haven for most of the divers from the busy lifestyles they have.

Source: Inverse Science
Source: Inverse Science

“Be Part Of A Greater Movement For The Better Of Our Future”

5 Scuba Diving Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

Divers from around the world have seen first hand what does 1-degree warmer can do to coral reefs. Bleaching around famous coral reefs has only made to the headlines because divers brought it up and are concern what is the future of these beautiful ecosystems. The underwater world is often neglected due to the fact that we are unable to see them from above.

Hence, we welcome everyone to start diving. With proper training and knowledge awareness, diving can be simple. With safety as one the greatest aspect to diving, one can definitely enjoy being underwater despite knowing the ocean to be an endless vast of water. But most importantly, the moment you know how amazing the ocean can be, you too, will want to fight for the better of our environment.

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