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Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

With so much coastline and islands, it is no big surprise that Southeast Asia has a portion of the best wreck diving on the planet. A significant number of the district’s wrecks are not just extraordinary for their level of protection and captivating history, but also for the measure of marine life that presently calls … Read more

Diving Philippines: Top 5 Dive Destinations to Explore

Diving Philippines: Top 5 Dive Destinations to Explore

There are a lot of of choices when scuba diving in the Philippines. Here are our first five favorite dive destinations in this Southeast Asian archipelago: Dauin Dauin offers a portion of the best muck diving on the planet, with opportunities to see a considerable measure of uncommon critters, for example, colorful cuttlefish, frogfish, blue … Read more

Best Street Foods to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia

Best Street Food to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia

After diving the Indonesian waters, another thing to explore is it culture and gastronomy. Indonesia values its food and history as much as it values its natural resources. Here are some Indonesian street foods to try out on your next dive escapade—they will give you a glimpse of the republic’s flavorful history and culture. Ketoprak … Read more

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Indonesia is a lasting Readers Choice top choice, and it’s not hard to perceive why. Indonesia is a place where you can dependably observe what the undersea kingdom may have looked like when the world was crisp and new. From Bali’s remarkable Liberty wreck that is a simple shore dive, the nation’s submerged wealth clear … Read more

Top 5 Wreck Diving Destinations

5 Best Wreck Diving Destinations

Looking for a extra adrenaline in your diving journey? In this article goes the most thrilling wreck dive sites from around the globe: Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea Thistlegorm is Gaelic for Azure Thistle. A English boat, it was assaulted from mid-air and soaked in 1941 while conveying a freight of battle items: rifles, engine unit … Read more

Top 3 Reasons Why We Dive Anilao

It was in Anilao where the Philippines’ first scuba-diving operators started in the 60s. This paradise is an extremely popular dive destination for divers who enjoy the tropic warmth and the provincial serenity. Explore Anilao’s gastronomy What is great about Anilao is that there is always something delicious to eat after a long day of … Read more


ADEX 2018, the much anticipated dive expo in Asia will be taking place at Suntec, Singapore from April 6 – 8. The three-day event will surprise you with comprehensive shows from seminars to competitions led by the biggest names in the diving industry. Join us at ADEX 2018 Visit us at Booth F01 at Asia … Read more

Plastic Pollution: Fatal Malady of the Ocean

Plastic Pollution: Fatal Malady of the Ocean

According to the The Independent Co., there are 500 times more pieces of microplastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. The only solution to stop this fatal malady is to reduce, if not totally stop, … Read more

The Sunken Igara Ship After 45 Years

The Sunken Igara Ship After 45 Years

The Igara was an Italian oil/ore steamship voyaging from Vitoria, Brazil to Muroran, Japan when it struck an unmarked rock in the South China Sea on March 12, 1973. It was split into two parts: the bow settled down the ocean, while the rear was towed to Japan and was built into a new ship, … Read more

Top 3 Asia Diving Destinations this Open Season

The open season is just around the corner. Get your gears ready for another year of adventures! Here’s our first three picks for this new diving season: Tioman Diving Once rated as the Top Ten Most Beautiful Islands in the World, Tioman does not only take pride with its white sandy beaches. It is also … Read more

5 Awesome Facts About Manta Rays

Manta rays are not just the graceful underwater dancers that you know of. They can be weird too! We’re sure you’ll never see the manta the same way before after you read these facts: 1. Brain larger than body weight Of all the 32,000 fish species known to man, manta rays have the largest brain … Read more


7 Stunning Photos of Night Diving in Asia

  Contrary to most people think, night diving is not devoid of colours at all. A night dive is actually a great privilege to witness bizarre, but beautiful things. Let these underwater snaps change your mind about diving during the black of the night. 1. ROVE WITH AN UNDERWATER ROCKET SHIP. Discover the secret nooks of the undersea with … Read more