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3 Things That Makes Us Love Anambas

Anambas Islands is a hidden paradise in Malaysia. In view of its remote zone, only a few tourists consider the islands’ awesome waterfront and marine life. Local Food Hunt Fish-based things are Anambas’ stamp dishes, since the zone is enveloped by means of sea. Mie Tarempa, as mie Aceh yet with fish, and luti gendang, … Read more

7 Power Foods to Snack on Before the Dive

Diving requires you to have the massive energy to keep you underwater for as long as possible. You do not want to feel hungry while you are submerged—this is more likely if you did not have a healthy, filling meal before you took the plunge. This is a physical energy, so you need power foods … Read more

Exploring the Depths of Singapore’s Pulau Hantu

Diving in Pulau Hantu promises a visual smorgasbord of colorful marine critters. This island is also a popular fishing and scuba diving destination because of its glorious lagoons, sheltered beaches and inviting underwater. And despite its grim name, Pulau Hantu is a favorite to campers who want to have a surreal outdoor experience. Diving in … Read more

Yoga Poses to Master for Better Diving

Yoga isn’t just about physical exercise—it is also about calming the mind and re-aligning it to the body. Yoga is an incredible way to quiet your mind—which is very helpful when you dive. Here are some essential yoga postures (asanas) you can rehearse with your diving pals for a better dive: Mountain Pose (Tadasana) Foundation … Read more

Here’s Our $150 Diving Challenge!

Bubbles are not the only ones going up these days. Everything seems to be rising—from everyday commodities to travel and accommodations. So we’ve been wondering, what can we still purchase with the $150 on our wallets? Here’s a list of things we came up with that proves you cannot put a price on fun and … Read more

Liveaboard Diving: Whale Sharks of Anambas and Igara Wreck

What’s more hallucinogenic than swimming with the giant whale sharks of Anambas and investigating the incredible submerged wreck of the Igara? If you haven’t encountered a liveaboard diving into these joyful dive destinations yet, maybe you should spare a spot now because to be perfectly honest, you are missing the fun! Meet with the whale … Read more

Fast Facts: Peacock Mantis Shrimps

Delightful and savage—not run of the mill descriptions for shrimps, yes? Be that as it may, the mantis shrimp wants to emerge from the shores of shrimps. Being a standout amongst the most fearsome animals of the sea, this splendidly shaded species has earned a unimaginable notoriety. Mantis or Shrimp? Mantis shrimps aren’t shrimps at … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Dive Lombok

The Indonesian island of Lombok is a secret jewel for divers, surfers, and voyagers alike. While neighboring Bali is immovably settled on the visitor and diving circuit, the best scuba diving in Lombok still flies somewhat under the radar. Macro Paradise The Gili islands offer in excess of 20 diverse dive locales where every ha … Read more

7 Amazing Things Sharks Do For You

Around the globe sharks are in a bad position, with more than 90% of the world’s sharks wiped out through angling, remorseless shark finning, and shark mitigation. Seventy to 100 million sharks are murdered every year. 1. Protects shellfish. Sharks eat skates and different predators of scallops, crabs and lobsters. At the point when sharks … Read more

Kickstarting your Dive Professional Career

You have spent years of exploring the ocean, and now you are finally ready to make it your career. So we made you a list of the diving careers you can check out to help you decide which diving profession you want to venture into. Dive Master SSI Dive Masters are capable with the aptitudes … Read more

Best Muck Diving Sites in Asia

Asia offers tons of ecstatic diving destinations—so it is no surprise that in this continent you will find some of the world’s best muck diving spots. Ravish you cravings for macro life, and all the weird ocean stuff by diving these exciting sites. Anilao, Philippines Known as the enst muck diving in the Philippines, just … Read more

Perfect Dive Sites for an Awesome Getaway with Buddies

Perfect Dive Sites for an Awesome Getaway with Buddies

Looking for exciting dive sites to spend a diving getaway with your friends? Luckily, there are tons of destinations in Asia that will surely satisfy your diving cravings! Here are spots you should check out! Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia In case you’re searching for the crème de la crème in diving, the Raja Ampat Islands … Read more