Diving in Malapascua, with Evolution Dive Resort

Diving in Malapascua Island with Evolution Diving and Beach Resort

Malapascua Island, located North of Cebu, is a beautiful island bustling with many local eateries and cuisines. Not too far off Maya Port, a short 40 minutes boat ride will get you anxiously waiting to check-in and start visiting those Thresher Sharks, Malapascua Island is famous for!

Evolution Dive Resort

In my personal opinion, choosing a dive resort is one of the most crucial step in enjoying your scuba diving holiday. A dive resort affects your holiday in many aspects, ranging from your accommodations, meals, to scuba diving!

To select a dive resort, I always turn to a trustable agent and seek their recommendations! Having been to Malapascua 4 times, I have always returned back to the same one, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort! Here's some reasons why Evolution Diving and Beach Resort is the dive centre and resort to choose when going to Malapascua!

Firstly, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort is run by Owners Matt and David, two excellent instructors and owners! Preparing for my trip and liaising with them proved little complications, as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Next, would be the accommodations available at Evolution Diving and Beach Resort. Despite having sufficient numbers of rooms with various configurations, remember to book early as they are usually packed with enthusiastic divers!

For budget tourist looking for either a short getaway or just a place comfortable enough to stay, fret not! Evolution Diving and Beach Resort comes with an option for you - The Deluxe Fan Room! Despite being equipped with a fan, the room is very well ventilated, allowing the cool sea breeze in at night, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your entire sleep!

Those looking to pamper yourself, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort has their Deluxe Main Rooms and their Deluxe Beach Rooms!

Both rooms are well-equipped with amenities to make your stay more than just simply comfortable, they almost make you feel at home!

All rooms have a balcony that allows you to dry your clothes and scuba diving equipment. With daily house keeping, you need not worry about the tidiness and cleanliness during your entire stay!

Lets take a look at the Craic House, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort's own restaurant and bar!

Evolution Dive Resort Deluxe Fan Room
Evolution Dive Resort Deluxe Fan Room
Evolution Dive Resort Deluxe Beach Room
Evolution Dive Resort Deluxe Beach Room

Throughout Evolution Diving and Beach Resort, Hammocks and Bean cushions are laid out to provide comfort and tranquility! Not to mention, swinging on the Hammocks while enjoying the cool sea breeze and winds really makes you forget all your troubles and worries!

Evolution Dive Resort Deluxe Main Room
Evolution Dive Resort Deluxe Main Room
Evolution Dive Resort Craic House
Evolution Dive Resort Craic House

If convenience and proximity are your concern when it comes to travelling and finding something to fill your stomach, not to worry! Evolution Diving and Beach Resort has their own restaurant and bar - the Craic House, located just 1 minute walk away from any room of your choosing.

The Craic House, offers a wide selection of meals suited for the entire day, ranging from crepes, salads, appetisers to main courses and desert! With specials (a definitely must try!) offered daily!

At the end of the day, you can sit back and relax at the Craic House, with their selection of drinks - cocktails or hard liquor, and reminisce the dives you had throughout the day!

Scuba Diving facilities wise, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort is more than well-equipped, I would say 10/10 for their scuba diving facilities and their team of staff!

On all 4 of my trips to Malapascua, staying and diving at Evolution Diving and Beach Resort has always made me leave with smiles. Not only do their offer recreational scuba diving courses and scuba diving fun dives, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort has a strong team of technical diving instructors, together with wonderful technical diving sites, I would say, you can be sure to have a fruitful and comprehensive technical training!

Evolution Diving and Beach Resort personalises your equipment by giving each individual their own shelf for you to store your scuba diving equipment, preventing mix ups or misplacing them! Also, their cylinder filling station is just next door! This means, you'll never have to wait for your tanks!

As said before, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort has a strong team of staff, providing a source of livelihood to the locals, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort has invested in training them into becoming professional and competent dive guides and dive masters, as well as equipment servicing technicians! You'll never have to worry about not seeing the wonders Malapascua has to offer nor forgo your dives due to faulty equipment!

Right outside the equipment room, there is a huge structure filled with fresh water for you to clean your equipment, and hang them dry on the racks and platform provided nearby! Not to mention, the staff throws in great customer service by bringing your scuba diving equipment inside at night or when it rains.

On my 4 trips there, 3 were for recreational scuba diving and 1 was for technical diving. But neither trips made me doubt the standard and quality Evolution Diving and Beach Resort is providing. All trips, both diving and non-diving staff made me feel welcomed and homely as well as safe! Always ready to provide you with the assistance you require, you'll never have to worry something gets overlooked or you feel neglected! Not to mention the dive staff there are very knowledge on all the dive sites and are very professional underwater, always making sure your safety, comfort and enjoyment are constantly looked after!

Evolution Dive Resort Washing Point
Evolution Dive Resort Washing Point

No matter how many times, I return to Malapasuca Island, Evolution Diving and Beach Resort is definitely the one to go for! Top notch customer service, excellent accommodations, fantastic food and amazing dives!

So why wait? Contact Gill Divers now and book your trip to Evolution Diving and Beach Resort and starting enjoying the wonders Malapascua offers without having to worry about your logistic and administrative issues!

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