Thrills with Gill: 5 reasons to check out aman tioman beach resort on your next dive trip

At Gill Divers, our dive trips are the stuff of legends. We have certified thousands of recreational divers over the years and the idyllic island of Tioman is where most beginners earn their SSI badge of honour.

There was an air of excitement at the dive shop recently when we took a group of Open Water, leisure, advanced and rescue divers to a new resort in Tioman recently for their respective courses. There’s always a positive buzz whenever a dive trip draws near but this time around the atmosphere was simply lit! Turns out that the land trip to Tioman this weekend is to the recently refurbished Aman Tioman Beach Resort! We cannot wait...


The crew and divers hopped onto the bus and headed for Mersing jetty still buzzing about the new resort they were about to experience. Pictures on the resort’s website were shared and pondered over but we all know that curated online content aren't usually what they seem. Point in case - Tinder. After a great weekend of diving at Aman Tioman Beach Resort, here's our verdict.

Good Feels

Aman resort is superbly located just a short trek away from the Kampung Paya jetty which means no lugging your gear and luggage up staircases or undulating terrain. Bleary eyes within the group lit up when they were met by a clean and modern reception area (complete with pretty swings and colourful sofas) incorporated into a traditional wooden structure. Despite our 1am arrival, the staff were warm and helpful while issuing us our room keys. Suffice to say everybody went to sleep happy that night!


Fresh and functional 

Although you may not spend much time in your room on a dive trip, it helps having one you can look forward to come back to after a long day at sea. Aman resort’s rooms are nothing fancy but they are clean and well ventilated. The ceiling fan is wonderful to have as it helps you dry off from a dive without freezing you like AC. Bedsheets are darlie white and pulled to the highest stand-by-bed standards, bath towels are provided for and so is hair and body wash. There’s also a mini fridge and TV if you decide to chill after a dive.

Food Glorious Food

For the scuba diving purists, food at the resort is sometimes considered an appetizer to their main sources of sustenance such as Twisties, Pringles, Jack and Jills and Ramly burgers. The buffet meals served at Aman resort are well prepared tasty and pretty healthy too! A variety that will appeal to all palates - fluffy scrambled eggs, beetroot and chicken salad, spicy beef rendang, stir fried veggies - you can enjoy the meals and still stuff your face with kit kat after. For those seeking further culinary comforts, there’s also a Chinese restaurant and outdoor seafood grill to satisfy any craving.   

Options Options Options

Aman provides options but diving is still tops!

Aman Tioman Resort is perfect if you have family or friends that aren’t divers but are tagging along for the trip. There are activities non-divers can do if they decide not to head out to sea. Snorkeling is one option and guests will be whisked to five different areas within Tioman Island to snorkel and immerse in the island’s beauty. If you prefer to laze around the resort, there’s a chill out area with foosball and pool tables to keep you busy. Grab a drink or gourmet coffee with light snacks at the various bars around the resort if you’re feeling peckish. They whip up a pretty mean latte!

Late Night Rendezvous 

It's always recommended to catch a good night's sleep especially if you have an early morning dive the next day but hey, you're at a beach resort so perhaps you can let your hair down a little! The resort's dining area adopts a clubbier vibe after dinner thanks to some mood lighting. Ciders and beers start popping up all over and an acoustic duo serenades guests on a mini stage. If you'd rather bond with people over conversation, there's a section at the beachfront to do so over grilled food.

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Why dive anambas?

Anambas Islands is a shrouded heaven in Malaysia. In perspective of its remote zone, just a couple of travelers think about the islands’ magnificent waterfront and marine life.

Food Hunt

Fish-based things are Anambas’ stamp dishes, since the zone is encompassed by methods for ocean. Mie Tarempa, as mie Aceh yet with fish, and luti gendang, fricasseed nibble pressed with point floss, are the two most mainstream ones.

Diving and Snorkeling

Being in the Coral Triangle, Anambas has unmistakably a diverse marine biodiversity: unites more than 600 accumulations of coral and 3000 sorts of fish. Besides, it is a phenomenal goal to see five of the seven sorts of ocean turtles. Furthermore, titanic proportions of marine life in Anambas will obviously keep youngsters puzzled.

Loosening up in Anambas

Three things that make the Anambas Islands the ideal: white powder sand, unpolluted air, and sublime view. Divers can get a gander at the marine life in the impeccable waters even from out of the water.

essentials to Dive insurance

Despite everything you don’t have your dive insurance, and we understand why: regardless you don’t see its genuine advantage. In this way, here is to signify your dive insurance information so you don’t need to be doubtful about it any longer.

Covers lost dive equipment

Indeed, it does. Presently you don’t need to restrict what you can investigate. Take advantage of your dive equipment with the correct insurance bundle. A submerged wayfarer like you merits it.

Covers weather and natural phenomena incidents

Tropical storms, hurricanes and awful weather got no control over you now. Lost plunging days because of these natural phenomena can be reclaimed through a fitting dive insurance plan.

Covers travel delay and missed departure

We as a whole know the sentiment of a delayed ride, yet there is no compelling reason to go crazy now due to any delayed travel or a missed departure amid your dive travel. Your dive insurance plan recovered your.

Benefiting the correct dive insurance bundle is similarly as essential as your dive affirmation or your full dive equipment. All are important for a superior and increasingly charming dive.

How to start diving?

Finally you have been pulled in! Scuba diving is an action that will no ifs ands or buts give you the right flood of adrenaline. Here are our 3 basic advances you can do to begin your diving experiences.

Select in an Open Water Diver Course

The Open Water Diver Course is your passage to the submerged world. When you are viewed as remedially fit to be a scuba jumper, the OWD is your rocket ship to the gigantic and heavenly sea.

The Open Water Diver Course empowers you to take in the fundamental aptitudes and techniques to investigate peacefully and safely submerged. It will in like manner empower you to adopt in the most ideal strategy to use your jump equipment.

Realize Which Dive Gears to Buy and Rent

Scuba diving anticipates that you should use a full-game plan of jump gears. As another submerged voyager, you can purchase the individual things first, for instance, a wetsuit, two or three sharp edges, snorkel, and jump cover. In any case, as time goes on, it is basic to remember that having your own equipment will add to an increasingly productive plunge as you can make sure of your device’s ability, comfort, and quality.

Develop Dive Knowledge with a Theory Class

Scuba diving doesn’t stop when you dive into the profound and ponder upon its greatness. Scuba diving is moreover a vow to anchor and ensure the space that welcomed you. You can do this in case you have a progressively significant understanding about its creatures and biodiversity. The lion’s share of this you will learn by taking a hypothesis course. There are a heap of hypothesis courses to investigate—paying little heed to whether you have to burrow further on the direct of sharks and how they are much of the time confounded or you have to examine the lives of ocean turtles, there is a class for you.

taste Test: Indonesian streetfoods to try after the dive!

Subsequent to diving the Indonesian waters, something else to investigate is it culture and gastronomy. Indonesia esteems its nourishment and history as much as it esteems its normal assets. Here are some Indonesian road nourishments to experiment with on your next jump adventure—they will give you a look at the republic’s delightful history and culture.

Ketoprak (rice cake with nut sauce)

This road nourishment is ideal for veggie lovers. This run of the mill Betawi dish called Ketoprak will without a doubt charm you with its peanut-y, hot and sweet flavor. It is made of seared tofu pieces, cut cabbage, bean grow, lontong (Indonesian packed rice cake), rice vermicelli, and bubbled egg—presented with fricasseed shallots, shelled nut dressing, rice wafers and hot sambal.

Martabak Manis (sweet hotcake)

A kind of Indonesian treat well known the nation over, Martabak manis will without a doubt fulfill your taste buds with its rich sweet flavor. It is a delicate flapjack loaded down with a few varieties like chocolate, nutella, dense drain, peanuts, cheddar, and significantly more. The martabak merchants more often than not move another tempting variation—made of egg and meat.

Gorengan (Indonesian pan fried tidbit)

The most mainstream nibble in the whole area is presumably the Gorengan, which signifies “fricasseed sustenance.” You can settle on different bases from tofu, yam and tempeh (matured soy bean), to banana and cassava—everything is southern style. The most ideal approach to appreciate this oily sustenance is plunging it in hot stew sauce.

6 Reasons Why Diving is Just as Effective as Meditation

Diving is not just for an extra pump of adrenaline. This sports also contributes to a balanced body, mind, and spirit—just like yoga and meditation. Here are 6 reasons how diving can give you the same benefits as meditation:

1.Diving allows us to breathe consciously and deliberately.

2.The breathing pattern in diving leads to a calmer mind and body.

3.The mind’s focus is gradually turning inwards when we dive. And even when our mind wanders, we will always go back to focusing on our breath.

4.Diving allows us to achieve a singular focus—making us one with our surroundings.

5.Diving clears our minds. A myriad of our everyday activities can cause anxiety and stress, underwater is a calm and quiet place where we can just let our minds be still.


6.Scuba diving helps us lead a peaceful state-of-mind and achieve equanimity.



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3 Things That Makes Us Love Anambas

Anambas Islands is a hidden paradise in Malaysia. In view of its remote zone, only a few tourists consider the islands' awesome waterfront and marine life.

Local Food Hunt

Fish-based things are Anambas' stamp dishes, since the zone is enveloped by means of sea. Mie Tarempa, as mie Aceh yet with fish, and luti gendang, fricasseed snack packed with point floss, are the two most popular ones.

Diving and Snorkeling

Being in the Coral Triangle, Anambas has clearly a diverse marine biodiversity: consolidates in excess of 600 collections of coral and 3000 sorts of fish. Moreover, it is a phenomenal objective to see five of the seven sorts of sea turtles. In addition, colossal measures of marine life in Anambas will plainly keep young people baffled.

Unwinding in Anambas

Three things that make the Anambas Islands the perfect: white powder sand, unpolluted air, and magnificent view. Divers can get a gander at the marine life in the flawless waters even from out of the water.



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Exploring the Depths of Singapore’s Pulau Hantu

Diving in Pulau Hantu promises a visual smorgasbord of colorful marine critters. This island is also a popular fishing and scuba diving destination because of its glorious lagoons, sheltered beaches and inviting underwater. And despite its grim name, Pulau Hantu is a favorite to campers who want to have a surreal outdoor experience.

Diving in Pulau Hantu

Diving in Pulau Hantu is great for macro photographers and muck divers. It is known for its various species of nudibranchs and slugs. The island is also teeming with other marine critters such as brightly coloured reef fish like the butterfly fish and parrotfish, albino pipefish, blue-spotted stingrays, and crocodile fish.

Pulau Hantu - The Ghost Island

Pulau Hantu, in Malay translation, literally means Ghost Island or island of the ghosts. Local legend tells us about two fierce warriors locked in a vicious combat, which after their deaths were turned by the gods into two islands, Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Besar (Bigger Ghost Island).

Pulau Hantu Dive Sites

Diving in Singapore’s Pulau Hantu is popular for local recreational divers because of its accessibility and sheltered reefs. It is comprised of two islands—Hantu Besar and Hantu Kecil—and during low tide season, visitors can walk between the two. Pulau Hantu is great for macro diving as divers reported sightings of seahorses, blue dragons, flatworms, seahorses, and beautiful sea slugs. If you are not into macro diving, there are also nurse sharks, batfish, cuttlefish, and resident sea turtles in the area.


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Yoga Poses to Master for Better Diving

Yoga isn't just about physical exercise—it is also about calming the mind and re-aligning it to the body. Yoga is an incredible way to quiet your mind—which is very helpful when you dive. Here are some essential yoga postures (asanas) you can rehearse with your diving pals for a better dive:

Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Foundation for most poses and an astounding instrument to enhance posture.

Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

The head, on this stance, is underneath your heart enabling blood to stream to your head giving your cells a renewing increase in oxygen.

Upward Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana)

An extraordinary stretch for the chest, shoulders and stomach area. It likewise fortifies the spine, arms, and wrists.

Half Standing Forward Fold (Ardha Uttanasana)

Stretches the spine and legs.

Four-Limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga)

Tones arm and lower arm muscles and create adaptability and quality in the wrists. Likewise, best stance to tone muscular strength.


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Liveaboard Diving: Whale Sharks of Anambas and Igara Wreck

What's more hallucinogenic than swimming with the giant whale sharks of Anambas and investigating the incredible submerged wreck of the Igara? If you haven't encountered a liveaboard diving into these joyful dive destinations yet, maybe you should spare a spot now because to be perfectly honest, you are missing the fun!

Meet with the whale sharks of Anambas

Whale sharks are profoundly migrant and are generally lone—they just meet up in bunches when feeding—however they are to a great degree inquisitive and delicate as well! Amid your dive, they will liable to approach you for a closer view, so be mindful not to frighten them off. Swim and cooperate with these ravishing monsters best where they are located incalculable circumstances: Anambas Islands!

Igara Wreck exploration

After a meet with the whale sharks Anambas Islands, you can likewise investigate the four-decade-old, coral-encrusted wreck of the Igara. In any case, who might need to dive and experience all the problem just to see a corroded old ship submerged, you say? Well to begin with, there won't be any problem in the solace of liveaboard. Second, the Igara Wreck isn't only some corroded old ship. For a considerable length of time, it has filled in as a home to many marine species. Divers everywhere throughout the world likewise make a trip miles just to see this pure dive spot.

Dive Anambas and Igara through liveaboard

Liveaboard diving is extraordinary compared to other approaches to encounter the sea! It gives you a chance to have all the more diving as you are only a doorstep far from the water. Liveaboard diving additionally gives you access to remote spots, which you can't do when you dive through a land trip. Liveaboard additionally offers rich nourishment! What's more, ultimately, it is well disposed notwithstanding for solo explorers. Diving mate? You'll without a doubt meet new individuals who share an indistinguishable enthusiasm from you, so you'll never be separated from everyone else!


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Fast Facts: Peacock Mantis Shrimps

Delightful and savage—not run of the mill descriptions for shrimps, yes? Be that as it may, the mantis shrimp wants to emerge from the shores of shrimps. Being a standout amongst the most fearsome animals of the sea, this splendidly shaded species has earned a unimaginable notoriety.

Mantis or Shrimp?

Mantis shrimps aren't shrimps at all in spite of their namesake and stature—nor are they mantises. They're far off relatives to lobsters, crabs, and shrimps—in the order Stomatopoda.

One punch to kill their prey.

To wallop its prey like sea-going executioner robots, the peacock mantis shrimp utilizes two extremities called dactyl clubs. At 50 mph, moving faster than a .22-gauge shot, their "clench hands" spring forward from their bodies—which briefly warms the water encompassing them as hot as the sun's surface. With 160 pounds of power, their preys are crushed through shells.

Unparalleled vision.

They have the most complex eyes in the kingdom Animalia. The mantis shrimp's eyes have 12 photoreceptors each enabling them to detect distinctive sorts of colors—human eyes only contain three kinds of light-sensitive cells so we can see red, blue, and green. Some presume that mantis shrimp see the world in a hallucinogenic rainbow of lively hues.


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5 Reasons You Should Dive Lombok

The Indonesian island of Lombok is a secret jewel for divers, surfers, and voyagers alike. While neighboring Bali is immovably settled on the visitor and diving circuit, the best scuba diving in Lombok still flies somewhat under the radar.

Macro Paradise

The Gili islands offer in excess of 20 diverse dive locales where every ha its exceptional touch and star attractions. Make a beeline f or Shark and Manta Point to spot reef sharks, investigate the concealed corners of Bounty Wreck and watch turtles and gatherings of Humphead Parrot Fishes on Coral Fan Garden. Dive the Southwest of Lombok, in Sekotong and the Southern Gilis, to take superb photos of some endemic types of nudibranchs and pigmea seahorses, or take a look at the timid bamboo shark and blue-ringed octopus.


Good Dive Conditions

Searching for a smooth and simple dive? The Gili islands and Sekotong Lombok have water temperatures of 27-29 degree Celsius all year around. A 3mm shorty is absolutely enough to dive around. The huge visibility of up to 30 and more meters can be stunning as you may be baffled by what's happening around you. On some days expect some present, particularly around December and January. Simply lay back and make the most of your most loved submerged TV appear.


Diver's Heaven

The dive destinations around the Gili Islands lie all around a short vessel drive separation of 5-10 minutes. Hope to see the lovely reefs and marine life in the shallow waters until the point when 30 meters and keeping in mind that swimming. Between the dives, you can eat at one of the close-by bistros or eateries. Some of them offer extraordinary suppers for divers and serve in speedy time so you won't miss your next dive. When you have achieved Sekotong region (around one hour by vessel from Senggigi and the Gili islands), all dive locales are stuffed around the triangle of Gili Nanggu, Gili Gede and Sekotong.

For Beginners and Dive Pros

It doesn't make a difference in the event that you are new to diving or have as of now a lot of dives added to your weight repertoire. Because of its assortment of dive locales each diver discovers its spot. The simple access, smooth conditions, warm waters and enormous perceivability make diving around the Gili islands and in Lombok ideal for learners and families with scuba diving kids.  Your kids will be excited by a lot of turtles you can hope to see amid your dives. Yet in addition dive masters will be compensated with uncommon species and some all the more difficult dive destinations.

Lombok Adventures and Gili's Charisma

Climb the second most noteworthy abundance of Indonesia with the Rinjani mountain (3726 m) and investigate its staggering cascades around the slants. Surf the best waves far and wide in Kuta Lombok and become more acquainted with the Sasak culture in the conventional weaving and ceramics towns. The appeal of the Gili islands with their turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches is powerful. Settle down in one of the bounty cottages and beach eateries and appreciate the tropical island feeling.


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7 Amazing Things Sharks Do For You

Around the globe sharks are in a bad position, with more than 90% of the world's sharks wiped out through angling, remorseless shark finning, and shark mitigation. Seventy to 100 million sharks are murdered every year.

1. Protects shellfish. Sharks eat skates and different predators of scallops, crabs and lobsters. At the point when sharks decay, shellfish that people eat vanish.

2. Uncover our origins. As the most seasoned living vertebrates, sharks may give data on the birthplace and development of every single vertebrate species, including people.

3. Filters water. A few sharks are channel feeders expending substantial amounts of zooplankton, which may "clean" water and kill destructive algal sprouts.

4. Help us see. Optometric analysts are exploring the shark cornea, which may be utilized for human transplants.

5. Teach us more about fish. Examination of sharks, especially the dogfish, has educated numerous analysts and understudies about fish science.

6. Navigation. Sharks have stunning electrical sensitivity. Research on shark electroreceptor organs may prompt better route in autos, planes, and ships.


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Kickstarting your Dive Professional Career

You have spent years of exploring the ocean, and now you are finally ready to make it your career. So we made you a list of the diving careers you can check out to help you decide which diving profession you want to venture into.

Dive Master

SSI Dive Masters are capable with the aptitudes of a Dive Guide, in addition to a proficient learning on the Science of Diving program. Under the immediate supervision of a SSI Instructor, dive masters can help SSI Instructors with pool/confined water, and open water trainings.

Dive Guide

SSI Dive Guide is the essential advance to an invigorating vocation as a SSI Dive Professional. It additionally does not expect you to finish a teacher program. This SSI proficient course gives you the skill and experience expected to lead gatherings of ensured divers securely. Have a chance to work at SSI Dive Centers directing dives to various situations and conditions by being a confirmed SSl Dive Guide.

Training Specialist

SSI Training Specialists can have the chance to educate on SSI specialty course, co-teach that program with an SSI Instructor, and get training materials. You can pick from a wide-cluster of SSI Specialty programs which incorporates Perfect Buoyancy, Boat Diving, Digital Underwater Photography, Navigation, and more courses.

Dive Control Specialist


This SSI professional program will enable you to gain the knowledge, abilities, and techniques required to be a successful SSI Assistant Instructor/Dive Control Specialist. With this course you will master how to autonomously show SSI training programs, how to help with Open Water Diver programs, and above all, the SSI Teaching System and logic.


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Best Muck Diving Sites in Asia

Asia offers tons of ecstatic diving destinations—so it is no surprise that in this continent you will find some of the world’s best muck diving spots. Ravish you cravings for macro life, and all the weird ocean stuff by diving these exciting sites.

Anilao, Philippines

Known as the enst muck diving in the Philippines, just a few hours drive from Manila, this very accessible muck diving haven offers great opportunities to spot several species of nudibranch, seahorse, shrimps, crabs, cuttlefish and a variety of octopus species too.

Bali, Indonesia

The eastern coast of Bali, around Seraya, Amed and Tulamben, offer some fabulous muck diving sites. The wreck of the Liberty, at Tulamben, is overgrown with corals and many crabs (candy, decorator, spider etc) have found homes there, as have ornate ghost pipefish and several types of shrimp. Seraya offers mostly black sandy slope sites, inhabited by pygmy seahorses, stargazers, mimic octopus and frogfish.

Alor, Indonesia

Known for its proliferation of rynopia, and other macro life, Alor will not disappoint macro enthusiasts. With sandy rubble sites as well as magnificent reefs, there is no shortage of critter here. From orangutan crabs and harlequin shrimp to wonderpus and manderin fish, the variety of critters here is simply astounding.


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Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

With so much coastline and islands, it is no big surprise that Southeast Asia has a portion of the best wreck diving on the planet. A significant number of the district's wrecks are not just extraordinary for their level of protection and captivating history, but also for the measure of marine life that presently calls them home.

Coron, Philippines

Amid September 1944, an American observation mission found a covered armada of Japanese warships. They properly assaulted, crushing 24 ships. Twelve of these wrecks can be dived, thus making Coron Cove one, if not the best wreck diving destination on the planet.


Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

Tulamben, Indonesia

Tulamben's USS Liberty Wreck was dumped on Tulamben shoreline subsequent to being harmed by foe torpedo's in 1994. There it lay until 1963, when the Gunung Agung spring of gushing lava, which towers over the region exploded. The power of the eruption grabbed the wreck and moved it a couple of meters out to ocean—making a world-class wreck-shore dive overflowing with life.

Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers

Pattaya, Thailand

Another awesome site for experienced divers to see four shipwrecks that sunk amid World War II. These boats lie around 300 meters from Koh Phi in 30 meters of water. The two most well known wrecks are the Hardeep and the Bremen.

Best Dive Spots in Asia for Adrenaline-Seekers


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Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Indonesia is a lasting Readers Choice top choice, and it's not hard to perceive why. Indonesia is a place where you can dependably observe what the undersea kingdom may have looked like when the world was crisp and new. From Bali's remarkable Liberty wreck that is a simple shore dive, the nation's submerged wealth clear east and north through the Flores, Banda and Celebes oceans, incorporating the walls of Wakatobi, the critters of Lembeh and the streams — and beasts — of Komodo. Also, everything comes wrapped in the comforting smiles of an inviting people who have raised cordiality to divers to an artistic expression.

Sulawesi trip

If you needed to pick only one spot to explore the insane universe of muck diving and the extraordinary sea animals, in that our vote goes to this much-cherished strait off the upper east tip of Indo's orchid-shaped isle, Sulawesi.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Fit for royalty

With all regard to Lembeh, the islands of Indo's Raja Ampat — the territory of West Papua — have an excellent number of macro diving spots.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Blue magic

Dampier Strait destinations like Blue Magic are known for mantas, yet don't neglect the macro critters here as well, including the slippery blue-ringed octopus. At any Raja Ampat site, look out for the little and the huge stuff for your underwater photos.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Treasures everywhere

In places like super-lavish Bali and the close-by Gili Islands, excellent topside scenes tempt photographers as much as what's beneath. Try not to miss a shot of the dawn or the dusk up a volcano.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers

Dive and "OM"

Indonesia has numerous things to offer divers with a twisted turn toward the natural and mystic. With all encompassing retreats and pervasive yoga-themed lodge and experience, Indonesia's dive sites are also expat and vegetarian-friendly.

Diving Indonesia: The Stuff of Dreams for Divers


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Why You Must Take the Advanced Adventurer Course

Why You Must Take the Advanced Adventurer Course

Have you just completed the Open Water Diver course and you’re wondering what’s next for you? Then the SSI Advanced Adventurer course is the answer!

Why You Must Take the Advanced Adventurer Course

Improve knowledge in different specialty courses

The SSI Advanced Adventurer course is a program consists of variety of specialty courses you can try out before advancing to a specific course you’d like to engage in. This helps you improve your diving skills and knowledge in different specialty courses without requiring you to complete an entire course. It’s a commitment-free program!

Dive with an average maximum depth of 30 meters

Gaining basic insights on chosen specialties is just one of program’s perks. Aside from that, you will now have the ability to dive with an average maximum depth of 30 meters. Moreover, you will able to see an overview of Deep Diving and Navigational skills as you continue and improve the skills, knowledge and concepts you have acquired from the previous course you’ve taken.

Experience at least five different open water dives

In the duration of the program, a theory class is attended. Learning objectives during the dives on trip will be provided as introduction in the theory class. It will also equip you with the knowledge and concepts of different types environment conditions you may encounter during dive - night, drift, boat, shore, peak performance buoyancy, and etc. And all of these will be easily accessed thru Online Learning Portal via After the online theory class, a weekend trip session is then scheduled to fully experience at least five different open water dives first hand on your chosen diving destination.

And the good thing about this course, you only need to check on and provide one requirement – an Open Water Diver certification. Just that and you’re free to level up to the SSI Advanced Adventurer course. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and discover what’s ahead of your diving adventures!

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3 Reasons to Dive in Lang Tengah

Imagine an island with white fine sand, breezy air, crystal clear blue waters and with a breathtaking view of the sun. Magnificent, don’t you think? Now, switch your imaginations into reality because such paradise does exist in the form of Lang Tengah.

Pulau Lang Tengah literally means “Eagle resting on the middle islands.” Located on the East coast side of peninsular Malaysia, Lang Tengah is an island showcasing sandy white beaches and clear waters abundant with fascinating marine life and resources. Here are 3 reasons on why Lang Tengah should be your next diving destination.

1. Pristine Blue Water

Billed as the Maldives of Southeast Asia, Lang Tengah has all the rights to be with its crystal clear blue water. From above, it looks like an artwork painted with the perfect hue of blue but once you get a closer glimpse; you’ll be able to witness the clear and pristine water. And would you believe that it even sparkle at night? Amazing, right?

3 Reasons to Dive in Lang Tengah

2. Breathtaking Dive Spots

There are about 13 dive spots you can enjoy at in Lang Tengah – Goby Garden, Kara Nibong, Batu Bulan, Karang Bahar and Terumbu Kuning to name a few. Within these dive spots, you’ll be able to sight fantastic rock formations, colorful corals and sponges, and a variety of aquatic creatures. Each dive spots also has its own depth, so you if you are a beginner or a pro at diving, you would still have a bunch of choices on where you should dive.

3 Reasons to Dive in Lang Tengah

3. Astounding Marine Life

Aside from the its pristine water and dive spots, one of the many reasons which makes Lang Tengah a true paradise is its wonderful marine life. Its water is filled with abundant sea creatures like different species of sharks, turtles, crabs and fishes, which will make your diving experience worthwhile and memorable. Don’t also forget about the striking corals and sponges you will encounter as you dive along.

3 Reasons to Dive in Lang Tengah

Now that you’ve got reasons on why should witness the paradise of Lang Tengah, plan your trip now and make sure to have it on top of your diving destination list!

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Why Start Diving Now?

The Ocean has always been known to be the mysterious background that has been yet to fully explored. Yet, we find ourselves watching viral videos and documentaries of what amazing creatures and underwater landscapes it has to offer. Most of us spent of time underwater in swimming pools and we assume it’ll be the same when we expose ourselves to the open sea. Very different indeed the moment we dipped our heads into the ocean. The smell, the taste, the visibility and the most important factor that distinguished the ocean and the pool…

The Uncertainty.

Source: Scuba Schools International (SSI)
Source: Scuba Schools International (SSI)

Every diver can assure you that the moment you start diving, it will not only be a hobby but it will become a way of life. The more you dive, the more you will start appreciating what goes around you. You will see the world in different perspective and that’s for sure. One of the greatest message that divers has been very vocal is the awareness of global warming.

Diving has changed a lot of perspectives in every individual in one-way or another. Majority of the public would like to think diving as an extreme sport for those who are thrill seekers or those who lives a carefree life. But we can assure you that when you start diving; most divers are not really living a carefree life. Instead, being underwater is a safe haven for most of the divers from the busy lifestyles they have.


Source: Inverse Science
Source: Inverse Science

“Be Part Of A Greater Movement For The Better Of Our Future”

5 Scuba Diving Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

Divers from around the world have seen first hand what does 1-degree warmer can do to coral reefs. Bleaching around famous coral reefs has only made to the headlines because divers brought it up and are concern what is the future of these beautiful ecosystems. The underwater world is often neglected due to the fact that we are unable to see them from above.

Hence, we welcome everyone to start diving. With proper training and knowledge awareness, diving can be simple. With safety as one the greatest aspect to diving, one can definitely enjoy being underwater despite knowing the ocean to be an endless vast of water. But most importantly, the moment you know how amazing the ocean can be, you too, will want to fight for the better of our environment.

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