7 Power Foods to Snack on Before the Dive

Diving requires you to have the massive energy to keep you underwater for as long as possible. You do not want to feel hungry while you are submerged—this is more likely if you did not have a healthy, filling meal before you took the plunge. This is a physical energy, so you need power foods to provide the energy and stamina you need to keep you energized and alert during your dive. Here are 7 healthy power foods for you to munch before the dive.


Fruits are a great meal starter. Apples are great in light of higher fiber content than generally other fruits. Bananas are filled with calories and prevent cramps.


Eggs are among the most advantageous and most nutritious nourishments that effortlessly accessible and they give the required vitamins, minerals, protein and power that a dive requires.


Spinach is a power sustenance that has numerous solid advantages to divers, for example, counteracting spasms because of its magnesium content.


The best sustenance to eat before diving is foods that contain a high measure of omega-3 unsaturated fats and protein to shield you from feeling famished. Salmon contains vitamins to enable your body to change over nourishment into vitality.


Broccoli is an unfathomably solid vegetable, stacked with vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber, and potassium. Calories for calories, it is high in protein contrasted with other vegetables.


Tofu, otherwise called bean curd, is an adaptable, reasonable wellspring of plant protein, making it a staple of numerous vegan consumes fewer calories


Peanuts are high in protein, fiber, magnesium and numerous examinations demonstrate that they can enable you to shed pounds. Above all, it gives the vitality to hold you under the blue surface.



Just Breathe Better Underwater

Best Street Food to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia

Best Street Foods to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia

After diving the Indonesian waters, another thing to explore is it culture and gastronomy. Indonesia values its food and history as much as it values its natural resources. Here are some Indonesian street foods to try out on your next dive escapade—they will give you a glimpse of the republic’s flavorful history and culture.

Ketoprak (rice cake with peanut sauce)

This street food is perfect for vegetarians. This typical Betawi dish called Ketoprak will surely delight you with its peanuty, spicy and sweet flavor. It is made of fried tofu chunks, sliced cabbage, bean sprout, lontong (Indonesian compressed rice cake), rice vermicelli, and boiled egg—served with fried shallots, peanut dressing, rice crackers and spicy sambal.

Best Street Foods to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia

Martabak Manis (sweet pancake)

A type of Indonesian dessert popular across the country, Martabak manis will surely satisfy your taste buds with its buttery sweet flavor. It is a soft pancake stuffed with some variations like chocolate, nutella, condensed milk, peanuts, cheese, and much more. The martabak vendors usually sell another appetizing variant—made of egg and meat.

Best Street Foods to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia

Gorengan (Indonesian deep fried snack)

The most popular snack in the entire region is probably the Gorengan, which means “fried food.” You can decide on various bases from tofu, yam and tempeh (fermented soy bean), to banana and cassava—everything is deep fried. The best way to enjoy this greasy food is dipping it in hot chili sauce.

Best Street Foods to Taste on Your Next Dive to Indonesia


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Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

Still undecided where your next diving destination will be? Make your diving experience exciting in Bali! Let me share with you the five reasons why I chose Bali for my advanced adventurer diving course.

It is considered as the world’s richest diving destination

Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods or Morning of the World, offers you not just the natural beauty of the island, but also fun diving sites to explore. It has a tropical, humid, warm weather that is perfect for tourists. The thrilling part in here is that Bali offers you different diving sites! Go to the northern part of Bali and you’ll see the wonders of Pemuteran and Menjangan Island. If you opted to go south of Bali, then Tulamben and Nusa Penida dive sites got you.

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

Travel experience has never been this affordable.

Whether you are in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai, or Singapore, you can visit the beautiful Bali! Huge thanks to few budget-friendly airlines that offer direct flights to Bali. If it is your first time, there are also organized private tours around in Bali. It will take you to different must-see places around the area. Book your trips now!

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

It offers you cool wreck diving experience.

Make your Bali dive thrilling by going on their famous shipwrecks! With its hidden mysteries underwater, take your cameras out as the famous Liberty Shipwreck captures you with its beauty. Wreck diving is perfect for advanced divers as its depth ranges from 30 to 40 meters deep. Japanese Shipwreck in Amed, the new attractions Kubu Wreck, and Bogo Wreck, are some of the wonderful wrecks Bali has to offer.

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

Stunning marine lives underwater

What makes the diving experience exciting and fun is because of the lovely marine creatures underwater. You may have the chance to see the superstar animals: Mola-mola and Manta Rays! Dive deeper and you may catch the wonderful White-Tip Shark, Black-Tip Shark, and the Gray Reef Shark! Bumphead Parrotfish, Tuna, Napoleon Wrasse, Cuttlefish are some animals you might see underwater. Be mesmerized as nudibranchs, colorful corals and reefs will welcome you.

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

Bali is rich in its culture

At the northern coast of Bali, snorkeling can be experienced in here while surfing is more exciting in the southeast or southwest coast of Bali. Looking for an alternative in diving? Try trekking in Mount Batur as it also has breathtaking garden and waterfalls. Beach clubs, bars, and restaurants will also satisfy your hunger and you can have the chance to taste the delicious Indonesian cuisine Balinese people prepared.

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

The Island of Gods is waiting for you. Make a move and plan your next diving course in Bali! Witness the beauty of this island and make your trip memorable. See you in Bali!

Rescue Course at Tioman with a Pufferfish & a visit from a Whale Shark during my 29th Dive

The bus is loaded and there’s a buzz in the air as we depart for our destination, Mersing Jetty for the boat trip to Tioman Island.

Fast forward to 8am, Saturday morning. Had our breakfast and hopped onto our boat (Princess) at 9am. As Princess sailed to Paya Bakau, Instructors gave their dive briefings and Divers started donning their wetsuits, geared up their BCDs & Regulators. Completed the Buddy Checks and after given the ‘Green Light’ from the Boat Crew, Rescue Divers got their Mask and Fins in place, got in the water, sank beneath the waves and the real fun begins, especially doing the Rescue Scenario/Exercise 7 [Unconscious Diver on Surface] (-_-)”


Started our Sunday at 9am, headed to Pirate Reef, descended to the corals beneath. 5 minutes down, a pufferfish appeared and joined us for our dive for a good 15 minutes. In other words, we were lucky to have a “Local Dive Guide” looking out for us, ‘protecting’ us.

Went to Bahara Rocks later in the day for a crew leisure dive. Did a negative descend and went further out with corals on our left side. Saw a couple of nudibranches and from afar, Aly spotted a rare sighting in Tioman. She hit her tank with a pointer (i think), trying to get our attention. Everyone scrambled to her position. And in that moment, everyone had a ‘Joseph Schooling’ in them, especially Jared. :))

Then from afar, a giant darked blue skin with white spots fish swam towards us. A juvenile whale shark was among us. It swam away but it circled back and stayed with us for awhile before it went to a deeper depth and swam away.


Diving with whale sharks was an experience of a lifetime. To see these gentle giants up close is like looking into the eyes of dinosaurs. They seem old and wise and calm and perceptive. But nonetheless, it was a very good experience seeing them upclose.

Overall, the Rescue Course was actually fun and it gives you more aware of not only yourself, but also others around you. I absolutely recommend it for everybody who wants to improve their diveskills and learn how to prevent and manage problems and accidents. After all these are skills that all divers can benefit from in their everyday life.


After reading about what the divemaster course is, some of you might be thinking: Damn, that sounds tough, so why should I do it? How will being a DM help me?

We asked the same questions to our existing divemasters at Gill Divers and here're some of the answers we've got!

Why did you want to be a divemaster?

Kat: "To teach/pass down and guide newbies diving techniques and safety rules that i know and learnt."

Qin En: "I love diving, but what I love even more is sharing the joy of diving with my friends. Every time I bring them to a Discover Scuba or Discover Local Diving, they will always return from the trips wanting to go on the next dive trip (and start their OWD). It's an incredible feeling to bring someone into another world altogether, and being a DM offers me the opportunity to do so smile emoticon"

Jian Ming: "I wanna become a dm so that I can be more credible when telling my friends about the joy of diving!"

Steph: "I wanted to be a DM to share my diving experiences with fellow/new divers. Also because I remember how mind blown I was when I did my first dive, I wanted to be a part of future fellow divers' first dive experiences too, and hopefully make it super memorable and kick ass as well."

Jay: "I want to guide others during the first dive experience, to reduce the fear and panic they might have."

Zuoying: "Many have asked why I decided to take up the DM course, but why not? Apart from being inspired by dive professionals I came across thus far, I see the DM course as a challenge for myself. I think every divemaster serves different role, and for me, I hope I am the DM which get to help weaker students slowly gain confidence in water.

Being someone who had irrational fear for deep blue, extremely low water confidence and couldn’t swim very well, taking up dive courses was a breakthrough for me, and truthfully it was the best decisions I’ve made for myself.

I still remember I struggled during my very first pool session, then I was being such a liability during my OW course. There were many times I told myself maybe I was never meant to be a diver, maybe I should just stop at OW. Despite being an extremely difficult student, the dive pros I have crossed path with thus far were very encouraging. And, this inspires me. Gradually, I gained more confidence through more dives and with encouragement from people around me, I become more comfortable in water.

And if I could do it, I wish to be in a position to inspire others too. The ones who have irrational fear the deep blue, the ones who find doing mask-clearing challenging, the ones who thought they will never make it – I want to be their DM, tell them my experience and cheer them on because I was in their exact positions slightly more than a year ago."

How have you grown since taking the divemaster course?

Jian Ming: "Becoming a dm has exposed me to many things that I have never done before. Best of all, it helped a lot in increasing my confidence when doing things that I am not familiar with."

Steph: "Taking the dm course has helped me become a calmer and more confident person both in my dive and personal/work life."

Jay: "Personally, my dive techniques have improved, safety management, understanding risk better and planning for contingencies - knowing what are possible cock-ups might arise and how to solve them."

Zuoying: "I have definitely grown since I signed up for the DM course, gaining valuable knowledge pertaining to diving and assuming the responsibilities of a DM. Apart from dive techniques which I have to constantly take note and improve on, I guess I learnt to be more aware of little details in my surrounding. I’ve learnt to be more empathetic."

We've got a variety of answers, but one thing's for sure: No one regretted their choice.

Start your divemaster journey today! Talk any of the crew for more details!


We are just as happy you are to discover the 10 Public Holidays Long Weekend this year. Here's a cheat sheet to a long weekend getaway we found. Disclaimer: We don't own the Cheat Sheet! Long-Weekend-Getaways-Singapore-2015 So you have been reading all these blog posts about what to do during the 10 Long Weekends in Singapore, you have found recommendations for stay-cations, dating ideas in Singapore, cheap flights to literally anywhere in the world. Anywhere because you are just to lazy to plan or it takes too much effort to do the researches. Sounds like it? Now, here's where we say "We make the plans, you dive!" Remember our 2014 #diveyourchoice trips? We are exhilarated to announce 2015 #diveyourchoice trips are now OPEN FOR BOOKING!
Dive Your Choice 2015

10 Public Holiday Long Weekends

Public holiday long weekends are a Hoo-Haa here in Singapore. Why? Because that means you can travel far and dive at destinations where you can't usually go over Saturday and Sunday without having the need to fill up leave forms! And this year in 2015, we are blessed with 6 Public holidays which will fall on either Friday or Monday. So book your flights and dive away!

Weekly Trips

If you are already preoccupied during the holidays, the regular long weekends would be your best bet! With weekly trips to Tioman (Resort and Liveaboard MV Nautica), Bintan and Hantu, you would find these trips to fit into your weekends perfectly. Most of which will depart on Friday evening and returns on Sunday. Or better still, Pulau Hantu trips have no obligations for overnight stay at all, just a half day out at our backyard discovering the local beauty.

If you are looking for a weekend trip but have been to Tioman Island a gazillion time, already knew exactly which corals the sharks are hiding, which sites are the rays staying and when are the dolphins popping by to say hi, pick a weekend onboard MV Nautica to Anambas or Mapur for a change!

Dive Tioman

Long Weekends

Like we mentioned earlier, 10 public holiday long weekends! Make use of the long weekends and explore Tenggol and Redang Island, North of Malaysia, near Terengganu.  Take a VIP Coach up to Terengganu, enjoy the white beach and clear blue waters. Known for their resident turtles, sharks, calm waters and easy dive sites! Advanced Open Water Diving Courses are available at these locations! Bali and Phuket are also great destinations for long weekend, at just a 2 hour flight away!


Dream Destinations

If you can afford to take a break from work for a couple of days, dream wild! Join us at the few top destinations among divers. These destinations are hand picked by our Dive Professionals as their "must-go" destinations. Located near Singapore, this will make logistic and transport easy for all divers who are making their way there for a dream vacation!


Prestigious Destinations

Red Sea's schooling hammerheads, South Africa's Sardine Run, Galapagos's Marine Iguanas, Qiandao's Underwater City and Raja Ampat's Diverse Ecosystem. Hmmm, no explanations required. It is pretty obvious why they are named "Prestigious".


Trips On Demand

Have a dive trip you want to go and not on the list? Or want to be on trip with your favourite Dive Instructor? Check with us where our Dive Professionals are leading their dive this year and join their trip!

So anyway, simply put it. NO REASONS TO NOT DIVE!

Dive Your Choice



If you have been to Gill Divers within the past year and a half, you have probably encountered Ernest in the shop or on a dive trip. He joined us in January 2013 and has been a pretty permanent fixture of Gill since then. He just passed the PADI Instructor Examinations yesterday, and is now a certified Scuba Instructor. And dang, it just warms the cockles of my heart.

Why? Well, his success just fortifies in my mind at least, that what we do here, is good - with regards to accepting young adults into our fold, guiding and training them. It is not always easy, and sometimes, we get into trouble for it! But after all, this is what the diving business is all about; Transforming lives!

A little background about Ernest, he joined us while he was still schooling, in fact, he did an internship with us as part of his curriculum. And while many of our crew start while in college, Ernest started a tad earlier than most at 17, and hence illustrates the change in sharper relief. at least to me.

The first time he really struck me personally was the first time we dived together. I was guiding in Hantu and he was clocking dives to start his Divemaster course. And though I was not scheduled to train him, he struck me then as someone I personally wanted to train. He never spoke a lot to me, perhaps I intimidate, but his non-verbal communication was telling me he was eager to improve his technique. He was attentive, helpful, above and below the water, you could say Ernest impressed me with his earnestness! He had a really good attitude towards learning, and he started his PADI Divemaster training some time later.

A year later at Hantu doing the PADI IDC, a little wiser, a little fatter

A year later at Hantu doing the PADI IDC, a little wiser, a little fatter.

And the training itself. The counselling, the scoldings, the explaining, the pushing, the mentoring, they all add up and change a person, because being a dive professional requires having a certain attitude about things. The PADI Divemaster course is the ONLY course we can hold certifications back for because of a poor attitude, and we do! And it works well.

I have seen divemaster trainees in their late teens and with bad attitudes have an 180 degree change in their behaviour thanks to our instructors. The best I ever saw was a 18 year old Divemaster Trainee get whipped into shape by a 22 year old instructor. It is as if they mature overnight! Great stuff, this diving business!

And that is the reason why Gill Divers has always been welcoming of young adults, despite criticism. I myself had my 21st birthday in the shop and a few months afterwards found me on the path to being a dive professional. I was part-studying, part-working and diving and I was far from the ideal employee. With next to nothing skills in answering phone calls when I started, I definitely chased away my fair share of business back then. But such is life; we win some we lose some. What makes it all worth the while in the end is the lives that you do touch and change.

And it is my sincerest hope that we can give more chances, more opportunities to young people like Ernest, to let diving transform them. Because it can and will, to those that let it.

So here's the unabashed plug for young adults or late teens even: Come join us! Come start the journey to becoming a PADI Divemaster or if you have more time, join our DMA Program. It is hard work and a lot of effort, but diving is so fun and beautiful. You get to meet such amazing people along the way, the experience can be deeply stirring.

And to Ernest, and all the other shiny new dive pros, including the ones that have been training the others: What you have achieved so far, it is something you can be really proud of. Well done! If you stay open and never stop learning, this amazing edge that you have will be taking you places someday!

~Respect the Ocean~

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