3 Things That Makes Us Love Anambas

Anambas Islands is a hidden paradise in Malaysia. In view of its remote zone, only a few tourists consider the islands' awesome waterfront and marine life.

Local Food Hunt

Fish-based things are Anambas' stamp dishes, since the zone is enveloped by means of sea. Mie Tarempa, as mie Aceh yet with fish, and luti gendang, fricasseed snack packed with point floss, are the two most popular ones.

Diving and Snorkeling

Being in the Coral Triangle, Anambas has clearly a diverse marine biodiversity: consolidates in excess of 600 collections of coral and 3000 sorts of fish. Moreover, it is a phenomenal objective to see five of the seven sorts of sea turtles. In addition, colossal measures of marine life in Anambas will plainly keep young people baffled.

Unwinding in Anambas

Three things that make the Anambas Islands the perfect: white powder sand, unpolluted air, and magnificent view. Divers can get a gander at the marine life in the flawless waters even from out of the water.



Just Breathe Better Underwater

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