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Thrills with Gill: 5 reasons to check out aman tioman beach resort on your next dive trip

At Gill Divers, our dive trips are the stuff of legends. We have certified thousands of recreational divers over the years and the idyllic island of Tioman is where most beginners earn their SSI badge of honour. There was an air of excitement at the dive shop recently when we took a group of Open … Read more

Why dive anambas?

Anambas Islands is a shrouded heaven in Malaysia. In perspective of its remote zone, just a couple of travelers think about the islands’ magnificent waterfront and marine life. Food Hunt Fish-based things are Anambas’ stamp dishes, since the zone is encompassed by methods for ocean. Mie Tarempa, as mie Aceh yet with fish, and luti … Read more

essentials to Dive insurance

Despite everything you don’t have your dive insurance, and we understand why: regardless you don’t see its genuine advantage. In this way, here is to signify your dive insurance information so you don’t need to be doubtful about it any longer. Covers lost dive equipment Indeed, it does. Presently you don’t need to restrict what … Read more

How to start diving?

Finally you have been pulled in! Scuba diving is an action that will no ifs ands or buts give you the right flood of adrenaline. Here are our 3 basic advances you can do to begin your diving experiences. Select in an Open Water Diver Course The Open Water Diver Course is your passage to … Read more

taste Test: Indonesian streetfoods to try after the dive!

Subsequent to diving the Indonesian waters, something else to investigate is it culture and gastronomy. Indonesia esteems its nourishment and history as much as it esteems its normal assets. Here are some Indonesian road nourishments to experiment with on your next jump adventure—they will give you a look at the republic’s delightful history and culture. … Read more

Planning on diving Tenggol? First, read this.

Around 14 nautical miles off the shoreline of the calm fishing town of Kuala Dungun, Malaysia lies the island of Tenggol. The staggering island presumably has every one of the reasons on the planet why it’s on the rundown of the most loved spots of scuba divers. Tenggol’s Tropical Climate Malaysia is holding one of … Read more

3 Easy Steps To Start Scuba Diving

At long last, you have been drawn in! Scuba diving is an activity that will without a doubt give you the correct surge of adrenaline. Here are our 3 simple steps you can do to start your diving adventures. Enroll in an Open Water Diver Course The Open Water Diver Course is your entryway to … Read more

3 Bali Wreck Sites to Dive Next

Pondering wreck diving on your next visit to Bali? You better check these three well-known wreck dive destinations ASAP. Trust me, they are absolutely justified, despite all the trouble! USS Liberty Wreck scuba diving This pretty much 75-year-old United States armed force payload transport is likely the most popular shipwreck that can be found in … Read more

For the Paranormal Freaks: Night and Limited Visibility Course

Add heaps of thrill to your diving escapades through the Night and Limited Visibility specialty course! This course is for you if… Darkness excites you. You do not cringe in fear when enveloped in it. You can’t explain it but it gives you a good kind of thrill. The deep dark smells like home to … Read more

For the Paranormal Freaks: Diver Stress and Rescue Course

Add heaps of thrill to your diving escapades through the Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty Course! This course is for you if… You proclaim yourself as a seeker. You love discovering things. It is a passion of yours. You are a freak for anything about searching the lost. Like treasure-hunting—dead-body-hunting—as well as simply searching for … Read more

For the Paranormal Freaks: Deep Diving Course

Add heaps of thrill to your diving escapades through the Deep Diving specialty course! This course is for you if… Decoding secrets is your gig. What lies in the deepest part of the ocean? Is a thought that keeps you awake at night. You quench your thirst by researching about the lost city of Atlantis. … Read more

6 Reasons Why Diving is Just as Effective as Meditation

Diving is not just for an extra pump of adrenaline. This sports also contributes to a balanced body, mind, and spirit—just like yoga and meditation. Here are 6 reasons how diving can give you the same benefits as meditation: 1.Diving allows us to breathe consciously and deliberately. 2.The breathing pattern in diving leads to a … Read more