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Why Start Diving Now?

The Ocean has always been known to be the mysterious background that has been yet to fully explored. Yet, we find ourselves watching viral videos and documentaries of what amazing creatures and underwater landscapes it has to offer. Most of us spent of time underwater in swimming pools and we assume it’ll be the same … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Diving in Bintan

Diving around the South East Asia region is a must do and it has been ranked as one of the top things to do on everyone’s bucket list! However, the South East Asia region or to be specific, the Malay Archipelago is one of the areas that is cut out from the mainland. Hence, access to … Read more


3 Reasons Why Anilao is Every Underwater Photographer’s Destination

Most dives would not be complete if you did not capture the best moments underwater. Anilao is considered as one the greatest underwater photographer’s destination in the Philippines. Here are the 3 reasons why: 1. Dive sites There’s a lot dive destinations in Anilao which makes it popular among divers. With over 40 dives sites … Read more

5 specialty courses to take before 2017 ends

5 specialty courses to take before 2017 ends!

The pleasure of diving is a lifelong learning, you can never limit yourself with your current skill set as you cannot limit yourself to one dive site. Your 2017 diving journey is about to conclude and you know what? Earning a new diving certification is an absolute perfect yearender! 1. Enriched Air Nitrox This course is … Read more

Renting these 4 diving gears is a crime

Renting these 4 diving gears is a crime

How sure are you that your criminal record is as clean as the diving gears in the rental shop? A lot of divers commit a crime without realizing it and it would be a shame if you’re one of them. Here is the list of 4 admissible pieces of evidence that will lead you to … Read more


5 Scuba Diving Mistakes You Should Avoid Now

Remembering these scuba diving mistakes you should avoid during your dives will help you achieve not only safe and successful dives. You also make your every dive purposeful. 1. Lack of Buddy Communication Although it is now accepted to dive without a diving buddy, it is best if you have one. After all it is … Read more


Why It’s a Must to Take Perfect Buoyancy Course

Mastering perfect buoyancy is a mark of an excellent scuba diver. Gaining expertise in this particular diving skill is very significant as increasing your buoyancy control will surely define the quality of your dive. Here is a list on why you should definitely take that Perfect Buoyancy Course you’ve been eyeing for the longest time: … Read more

You’re Legally a Diver! Here is How You Can Upgrade Your Diving Prowess

You’re Legally a Diver! Here is How You Can Upgrade Your Diving Prowess

Not sure what to do next after getting your diving certificate? Well, listen up because we have here a list of diving specialty courses from SSI you may want to try to take your diving to the next level. Enriched Air Nitrox Course This program teaches the skills and concepts required to safely dive using … Read more

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

Why I Took My Advanced Adventurer Diving Course in Bali

Still undecided where your next diving destination will be? Make your diving experience exciting in Bali! Let me share with you the five reasons why I chose Bali for my advanced adventurer diving course. It is considered as the world’s richest diving destination Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods or Morning of … Read more

SSI Marine Ecology Specialty Course

Marine Life Lovers! Here’s something for you!

Marine Lovers! Scuba Diving will never be the same after you learnt them all! During your Open Water Diver days, I bet you’ve seen a marine life but wasn’t able to identify it or describe it sufficiently for you friends to help you decipher what was it. Overtime, I’m sure you’re becoming better and better … Read more

Start Your Diving Journey in Style!

Start Your Diving Journey in Style! Gill Divers are calling to all aspiring divers out there to come join the ever growing Diving Community. With Scuba Schools International (SSI) having one of the highest standards for training, we are motivated not only to provide you with an unforgettable experience but to also help train you … Read more

SSI Dive Courses

What’s next after I’m Open Water Certified?

What’s next? I’m now Open Water Diver certified! For many, the Open Water Diver Certification is seen as a bucket list item. After mustering up the courage, setting aside the time and money to achieve this Open Water Diver Certification, education in scuba diving kind of halted there. Not knowing what’s next or what courses seem worth … Read more

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